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Page 4: To the Point

Page 5

NRoSo website

Page 6: Application Matters

John Deere gold sprayer competition

Competition entry:

Fandango issues
Proline use guide:

Page 8: Fundamentals

The recipe for success with tank mixes

Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products

The Applicant Guide: Tank-mixes:

Association of Independent Crop Consultants

Voluntary Initiative


Chemical Regulation Directorate Pesticides & FEPA Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products.


Bayer CropScience

Dow Agrosciences




Page 14: Masterclass

Protect Margins to help defend spraying

Chemicals Regulation Directorate Pesticides: LERAP guide

Officially recognised LERAP Low Drift Rating Spray equipment

On-line buffer zone calculator

Voluntary Initiative - LERAP Scheme Operator Advice

Page 20: Practical

Winter service pays reliability dividend

National Sprayer Testing Scheme

Page 24: Member Profile 1

GM-R Sprayers Ltd

Page 28: Member Profile 2

Alanco Agricultural Ltd

Trimble FmX distributor

Page 32: Precision Farming Preview

Steer straight to boost output and profit

Precision Farming Event tickets

Yara N-Sensor

ISObus controller connectivity

Fendt Variotronic

John Deere

Trimble AgGPS

Patchwork Technology

Precise Solutions


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John Deere



Team Sprayers


Precision Farming Event tickets


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